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China leading manufacturer in the field of galvanized iron wire and stainless steel weave wire cloth.


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hot dipped galvanized wire

Knowing that you are interested in hot dipped galvanized wire, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
  • 10-28
    Difference Hot-dipped Galvanized wire and Electro GI wire

    Anyone who purchases galvanized wire knows that galvanized wire is divided into hot-dip galvanized, cold-dip galvanized and electro-galvanized, so what is the difference between them??? Read More »

  • 11-03
    Hot dipped Galvanised wire better than Electro Galvanised wire

    Why is hot dipped Galvanised wire better than Electro Galvanised wire?Electro Galvanization is a process where a thin layer is zinc is electrically and chemically bonded to the steel wire in order to give it a coating.During the Electro Galvanization process, Steel wires are immersed in saline bath. Read More »

  • 06-19
    What is Hot-dipped galvanized iron wire?

    As the galvanized wire manufacturers, we can provide the electro galvanized iron wire, especially hot dipped galvanized iron wire. The zinc layer achieves 220-350g/㎡ for our high zinc coating hot dipped galvanized wires. Our galvanized wire possesses thick zinc layer and strong corrosion resistance. Read More »

  • 06-18
    Hot-dipped Galvanized Iron Wire

    Hot-dipped galvanized wire is the carbon steel with the galvanized finish, and zinc-coating types are different depending on the durability needed. If we want to accomplish producing, choosing wire rod is the most important step, then descaling, drawing, spooling, annealing, acid pickling. Read More »


Beijing Jinhai Zhongda Trade CO.,LTD.

We are engaged in manufacturing, processing wire & wire mesh products. and own advanced 50sets of wire-drawing machine, 9 galvanizing lines and  150 sets of mesh-weaving equipment.




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E-mail: info@sunnymetal-group.com

SKYPE: wiremesh_sunny

FACEBOOK: m.me/martin.chang.3348

WHATSAPP: +86-13811920972

WECHAT ID: Martinchang2003

MOBILE PHONE: +86-13811920972

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